Image credit: Jon Craig

Bristol Method

How to make your city greener

As European Green Capital in 2015, we have an opportunity to share what we know with people all over the country, across Europe and around the world.

To do this as effectively as we can, we have created the ‘Bristol Method’: a knowledge-transfer programme aimed at helping people in other cities understand and apply the lessons that Bristol has learned in becoming a more sustainable city, not just in 2015 but over the last decade.

An introduction to The Bristol Method

The Bristol Method is made up of a series of modules, or chapters. Each one is presented as an easy-to-digest ‘how to’ guide on a particular topic, which use Bristol’s experiences as a case study. The modules contain generic advice and recommendations that each reader can tailor to their own circumstances. 

Transforming the city

These modules will help you think about how to set a vision for the future of your city, unlock funding to achieve it, and then measure success.

European Green Capital

Learn more about how we won the bid and chose to celebrate our year in the spotlight.


Find out how Bristol is promoting the green economy, championing a local currency and getting small businesses involved in sustainability.


Bristol City Council is pioneering projects to generate renewable energy, insulate people’s homes and set up a municipal energy company. 


Here you’ll find modules on how to get people to walk, cycle and use public transport more often, as well as information about how to reduce traffic and make cities more ‘liveable’.


This section contains information about promoting reuse and reducing food waste, increasing recycling rates and putting on sustainable events.

Food and nature

These modules will help you understand how Bristol has protected green spaces and worked hard to be a more sustainable food city.