Neighbourhood Arts Programme

The Bristol 2015 Neighbourhood Arts Programme was a series of 14 unique, community inspired projects that were commissioned for each of the Neighbourhood Partnership areas of Bristol to inspire us to become a healthier, happier city.

Watch what happened…

Biggerhouse & Ideal Eye Films
All the films made about each of the 14 projects can be viewed here

What was the process? 

For six months, the Neighbourhood Arts Team spoke to residents and community groups across the city. What were the local and environmental concerns for this area? What community groups should we work with? Is there a specific place where an artist could work to make a difference?

We asked people what ‘green’ meant to them locally, and how an arts project might benefit a group or place within the area. Issues were then identified relating to Green Capital’s main themes of energy, resources, transport, food and nature. After that, a maker/artist brief was put together for each area. These were then publically advertised, and Bristol-based creatives proposed projects responding to the challenges set out in the briefs. Watch a film about our community consultation process.

How did we decide on issues and projects?

Communities let us know what the pressing issues were, but we also had some considerations based on themes, areas that Bristol City Council recognised as less interested in green, and local priorities that have been raised in neighbourhood plans. To help us make our decisions, we also invited local residents and organisations in each area to come together to form Adviser Groups. These people have been invaluable in steering us and helping us make informed decisions about how to write the briefs, and which artists to commission for each community. 

What were the projects?

We all know Bristol’s neighbourhoods are different and, true to form, each of the creative projects materialised in a diverse range of shapes and guises.

You can find out all about each of them by clicking on the links for the different areas on the left of this page.