Grant funding for everyone

To inspire projects for Bristol’s year as European Green Capital

Bristol is home to a huge number of diverse grassroots projects. This was a major reason we were named the UK’s first European Green Capital. So to help as many new projects as possible get off the ground in 2015, as well as support existing ones, we have launched £2million in grant funding.

There are three separate grant funds:

1. The Bristol 2015 Neighbourhood Partnerships Fund (ongoing)

2. The Bristol 2015 Small Grants Fund (deadline for final funding round, 27 February 2015)

3. The Bristol 2015 Strategic Grants Fund (closed)

“The commitment of £2million in grant funding provides a huge opportunity for Bristol communities, neighbourhoods, organisations and businesses, as the city prepares to take on its title as European Green Capital. As Mayor and member of the Bristol 2015 Ltd board, I am determined that all Bristol’s communities and diverse cultures reap the benefits of the environmental initiatives and increased attention and funding that the city is to receive next year.”

George Ferguson, Mayor of Bristol