Image credit: Sustrans

The Year of 2015

Throughout 2015, the eyes of the world will be on Bristol as the European Green Capital – the first UK city to win this prestigious award.

Towards a healthier, happier city

We won not just because of our plans for the future, but because of the city-wide efforts Bristol people and businesses are already making towards creating Britain’s most liveable city.

This award is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to really show what’s possible when everybody comes together to inspire, create and achieve a shared vision for Bristol. And, ultimately, become a blueprint and role model for city living worldwide.

Inspire, educate and celebrate

Photo: Martins Kikulis/

We’ll be inviting and inspiring people from all walks of Bristolian life, from various groups, with different talents and expertise, to discover new and unique ways we can improve the quality of life in our city. With Bristol’s leading artists and cultural institutions, we’ll be telling the stories that make environmental topics human, thought-provoking and relevant to everyday life.

We already have many amazing events and initiatives happening across our city, and we’ll be working with partners to create new ones to show how sustainable living can improve people’s lives. Part of the magic of Bristol is our ability to do things a little differently, so if we surprise people along the way, then so much the better – as long as everyone’s having fun.

Getting everyone involved

Getting citizens and communities involved, and giving them the power to change things, is essential if we are going to find the answers to the challenges we face in creating more sustainable lifestyles.

Citizens in Bristol have been leading the way for 800 years. Bristol 2015 will create a city-wide platform where people can create, share and learn, and find community-led, grass roots solutions to the challenges we face.

Bristol is a Laboratory for Change, and we will be inviting businesses and academia to see the city as the place to collaborate, develop and test new products and services aimed at advancing expertise in all areas of sustainability.