The #do15 campaign

We know that little things can make a great difference. That's why we are asking you to pledge your support for Bristol's year as the Green Capital and commit to do something to help make it a healthier, happier city.

Why not take a look at some of the simple actions in our Do15 campaign to get you started, or take at our profiling quiz to discover how green you actually are!

Unsure? Watch as people around the city take their pledges. 

The Avon Wildlife Trust celebrated the launch of Bennett's Patch and White's Paddock "People's nature reserve" at the Avon Gorge by making their do15 pledge as part of Bristol's year as European Green Capital.

We asked a Bristolian what he would pledge to do to live a little bit sustainably this year.

We caught up with footballer and Bristol 2015 ambassador, Wade Elliot, to find out what he's doing for Bristol 2015 European Green Capital.

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