Bristol 2015 European Green Capital is a city-wide initiative with many organisations involved. To facilitate the running of the year, a new company was formed. Please note that, with the Bristol Green Capital year now complete, the Bristol 2015 company ceases to operate from 31st March 2016.

Bristol 2015 Ltd works closely with Bristol City Council, the Green Capital Partnership (a network of over 700 organisations working to make Bristol a more sustainable city) and directly with UK, EU and international partners.

These include educational and arts and cultural institutions, business networks, visitor and tourism bodies and many more. Bristol 2015 Ltd will also be looking for help from other sources – individuals, community organisations and businesses.
Find out how you can play your part.

Goals for 2015

Bristol 2015 is working towards three key goals for its year as European Green Capital:

  1. Local empowerment: to work with existing initiatives, networks and local communities to ensure that the value of sustainable living is delivered across Bristol’s neighbourhoods, businesses and the voluntary sector, resulting in attitude and behaviour change.

  2. International Reach: To build Bristol’s global profile as the UK’s most pioneering, sustainable city and region, to encourage exports, investment, tourism and economic growth.

  3. Sustainability leadership: For Bristol to become the leading forum for UK, European and global exchange in sustainability expertise, in the lead up to the 2015 UN Conference on Climate Change.