Directory Overview

The Directory listings largely represent local businesses and projects which exemplify values of sustainability, and make a positive contribution to the environment and the community. Many are members of the Bristol Green Capital Partnership or, more recently, have become signed up to Go Green,  an exciting initiative helping small to medium size businesses to build sustainability principles into their workplaces. Alongside them sit the 2015 Programme Partners and the Supporters and Sponsors, who’ve worked directly with Bristol 2015 and the city to make the year possible: 

Pledge Members of the Bristol Green Capital Partnership

The Bristol Green Capital Partnership is an independent leadership organisation whose aim is to make Bristol “a low carbon city with a high quality of life for all. Over 700 organisations have pledged their support since the partnership was established in 2007 – sign up on behalf of your organisation to help make Bristol a happier and healthier place to live.

Organisations signed up to Go Green

Launched to coincide with Bristol’s year as European Green Capital, Go Green is a brand new scheme supporting businesses, charities and organisations of all shapes and sizes. It’s a unique opportunity to show the world that firms in our region lead the way in sustainable business practice.

Bristol 2015 Programme Partners

These are the organisations working with Bristol 2015 to help deliver the European Green Capital year across the city.

Bristol 2015 Supporters and Sponsors

Sponsor support is central to the delivery of initiatives, activities and projects within our year which will position Bristol and the UK as centres of excellence for sustainability and clean technology.

This unique collection of companies are collaborating to build a lasting legacy for the city and its communities.

If you’d like your enterprise included within the directory but dont currently engage in any sustainability behaviour then please follow visit The Bristol Green Capital Partnership Pledge or Go Green to explore initial steps about what might be right for you and / or your organisation.

If you’re already a member please contact the relevant organisations for further information on submitting your profile.

If you feel that the above steps aren’t appropriate for your enterprise but would still like to be included within the Directory please submit this form and we’ll come back to you.