Hello. Bonjour. Hola. Ciao!

We’re very proud that in 2015, Bristol is the UK’s first European Green Capital.

(51° 27′N. 2° 35′W — if you want to know where the fun starts)

It’s so much more than green and carbon.

It means all the little things and the really big things we do, to make Bristol a happier, healthier city, have been recognised by Europe. It’s called sustainable urban living.

Bristol is more than a city, it’s a place with an independent outlook and a can-do spirit, where great things happen.

We will all be in the spotlight in 2015, to show what’s possible when people come together.

To create a city where the things we do every day can be good for our communities, our businesses — and our planet.

We’ve created a circle to symbolise these actions. It’s our circle, a circle for good.

We’re all in it together.