Bristol Wood Recycling Project

We’re a cooperative, not-for-profit social enterprise. We’ve been in business for 10 years, from a site just round the corner from Temple Meads.

We hope to encourage local and national agencies to recognise reuse as the best solution to reducing waste, so that Bristol can one day lead the world in reuse, repair and renovation

The project has four objectives:

  • to save wood from going to waste
  • to enable social inclusion through our ‘no pressure’ volunteering scheme
  • to provide affordable timber to Bristol
  • for the project to be self-financing, rather than reliant on funding.

We operate a reclaimed timber yard near Temple Meads, offer a commercial wood waste collection service, and make bespoke products from reclaimed wood in our workshop (furniture, shelving, bird boxes, pirate treasure chests). We reclaim around 60 tonnes of timber a year to be reused as its original purpose (beams, planks, lengths, boards, etc), rather than being sent for recycling and having energy expended on turning it into an ‘end of the line’ product (biomass, chipboard, recycled product).

What does ‘2015 European Green Capital Award’ mean for you?

The Award is a big opportunity to develop existing efforts and try new ideas. BWRP is a founder member of “Bristol ReUse”: a federation of some of Bristol’s well-known reuse projects (Childrens Scrapstore, Emmaus, Fare Share, Collecteco, Sofa Project, Re:Work,  and many more) in an effort to promote reuse as a concept. Follow us on Twitter @bristolreuse for more information.



13 Cattle Market Rd
St Philips
Lawrence Hill


Tel: 0117 972 3219

Business type

  • Environmental Services
  • Other Professional & Business Services
  • Construction & Property
  • Consumer Services

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