IKEA: Towards a sustainable future

IKEA Group committed to own a further 87 wind turbines, bringing the total to 224, and installed 150,000 solar panels, increasing the total to 700,000 and taking the company a step closer to producing more renewable energy than the total energy it uses by 2020.

By the end of 2015, IKEA Group aims to have invested and committed to invest EUR 1.5 billion in renewable energy projects.

The sales value of products for a more sustainable life at home passed €1 billion in 2014

The sales value of products for a more sustainable life at home passed €1 billion in 2014, a 58% increase compared with FY13. These products enable people to save or generate energy, reduce water use, cut waste and live healthier lives.

75% of all lighting products sold were LED or compatible with LED bulbs, which use 85% less energy and last 20 times longer than traditional (incandescent) bulbs. The entire IKEA lighting range will convert to LED by September 2015.

€66 million saved through energy efficiency efforts in stores and warehouses since FY10.

IKEA Group is one of the world’s largest buyers of FSC-certified wood in the retail sector, and 41% of its wood was FSC certified or recycled in FY14. All wood was sourced from suppliers that meet the IKEA forestry standard.

The share of cotton from more sustainable sources used in IKEA products reached 76%, meaning farmers use less chemicals and water, whilst increasing their earnings. IKEA is on track to reach its goal of 100% by the end of August 2015.



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