Meet Skipchen: Bristol's surplus food cafe

The Bristol Skipchen is a surplus food cafe, with an innovative approach to tackling food waste in the city.

Sam Joseph, 24, is the co-founder of the Bristol Skipchen, a surplus food cafe based in Stoke’s Croft, Bristol.

Working as part of a team of volunteers, Sam and his team “intercept” food that has passed its sell-by date but is still safe to eat.

“Food waste is a real problem across the UK, and Bristol, despite its green credentials is no exception to that,” says Sam.

“Skipchen addresses the food waste problem firstly by raising awareness about food waste, but secondly by offering a practical solution to food waste.”

Since setting up in early October, the cafe has served over 3000 meals. Customers are free to pay as they feel, donating whatever they can afford to pay, or if they are struggling financially, they can eat for free.

Dishes on the menu vary each day, depending on the ingredients they have available. Lunchtime meals include chicken massaman curry, followed by freshly baked black banana bread.

“Food only becomes waste in time and if it gets to the Bristol Skipchen, it’s not waste, it’s just food and it gets fed to people,” says Sam.

Interested in volunteering with Skipchen? Sign up here.

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