Bristol’s Pero’s bridge transformed by fog

To celebrate Bristol’s status as European Green Capital, In Between Time has invited a conjurer of unusual weather, Japanese artist Fujiko Nakaya to create a Fog Bridge across Bristol’s harbourside from Friday 13th to Sunday 22nd February.

For 10 days, Pero’s Bridge in Bristol Harbourside will disappear behind a changing veil of fog to invite visitors to consider the changing climate and how it might disrupt our lives. 

Over 40 years, Nakaya has used fog as a sculptural medium.

Fog Bridge allows us all to think more widely about climate disruption, and on a smaller scale

Collaborating with the elements, her clouds are created by water pumped at high pressure through many micro-fine nozzles to create immersive and contemplative experiences for audiences. 

Nakaya’s pioneering fog works have been commissioned for public spaces around the world, including Tokyo, San Francisco and New York City. Fog Bridge in Bristol is the first time the artist has presented an artwork in the UK. 

Artist, Fujiko Nakaya explains:

“The function of a bridge is usually very simple, to cross over to the other side. I like its functional simplicity, but it can hold a cloud and suspend it too. During the 10 days of festival, a bundle of fog will be perching on the bridge and performing with the wind.”

“Walking inside fog, people are suddenly confronted with white darkness, but soon they find themselves trying to use all the senses other than the visual to orient themselves. People love the feel of fog on their skin, immersed, wet and cold, but gentle and soothing. It’s a primary experience.”

Dr Anna Rutherford, Executive Director of In Between Time, says:

“In the year of European Green Capital, Fog Bridge allows us all to think more widely about climate disruption, and on a smaller scale, the artist’s own working methods, her collaboration with the elements, water and wind currents, is a reminder of our own need to collaborate more with the natural environment.”

Bristol’s Fog Bridge is a UK Premiere, and is presented by In Between Time in association with Bristol 2015, European Green Capital. It is supported by Bristol 2015, Watershed and the Cabot Institute, University of Bristol.

Fog Bridge is a free public art work that runs from Friday 13th to Sunday 22nd February at Pero’s Bridge, Bristol Harbourside at regular intervals from 8am each day.


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