GreenTech in the city

White Paper, Video, Roundtable & Business Dinner

This project will gather insights from cities around the world on three areas of ‘Greentech in the City’:

(i) how are citizens using technology to green the city

(ii) what infrastructure are cities investing in to encourage the application of green technology

(iii) how are businesses and universities being encouraged to support greentech research, development, innovation and commercialisation.

A number of core city and international mayors will be interviewed with questions based on these three areas. These interviews will be used to write a white paper and produce a video with insights on city leadership and business opportunities for growth. The paper will be published and launched with a roundtable and dinner on the evening of the Business Summit in October 2015. The roundtable will provide an opportunity for mayors to come together with business leaders to discuss green technology and will provide a unique attraction for the international business summit.



Event organiser

Bristol 2015