It Doesn't Stop Here: Energy

Progress around energy during Bristol 2015 continues into the future with community-owned co-ops and Bristol Council-funded programmes leading the way.


“It’s really amazing to see how much momentum was created with Bristol 2015.” Easton Energy’s Zoe Banks Gross 

So what’s happening?

Bristol Community Energy Fund launched in November 2015. It supports local people in reducing their energy use, moving toward cleaner renewable sources of energy, and ensuring they can afford to meet their energy needs. It’s targeted at small organisations with charitable aims that are based and working in the Bristol area. See their website to apply for funding. 

The Bristol Energy Cooperative (BEC) is a community-owned energy co-op, growing Greater Bristol’s local green energy supply and making the benefits available to all. It develops renewable energy and energy efficiency projects. You can invest easily via their website on the promise of a 5% return.

Warm Up Bristol will knock on every door in the City by 2018, offering free advice on reducing your energy usage and costs. They’ll assess your home, get the right installers round if you need work doing, and give you information on grants to help with the cost.

The Easton Leisure Centre is using a 97kW solar PV system, installed on its roof in September 2015. The system is expected to generate enough electricity a year to power the equivalent of 22 homes. A real-time display in the centre’s reception tells local residents how much electricity has been generated, and the system is likely to reduce the centre’s energy bill by about £9,000 per year.—latest-building-to-benefit-from-solar-pv-installation 

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